Recording and Analysing Live Rugby Matches - Grassroots

I am looking to put together something similar to the Veo camera. A stereo pair creating a full 180 degree FOV of the pitch (120 x 60m) and using that data to control a higher quality camera on a servo driven mount to capture the action.

I have looked at the Zack Akil robot cam project and want to do something similar, but with the camera either linked to the Pi or a second Pi which in turn links to the control Pi. That way it is only one thing to turn on and set in motion, and it can be built into one single enclosure for portability and easy set up.

Is there any way to have a stereo pair and a different camera all capturing simultaneously? If so, what hardware would I need?

This is not for commercial purposes at the moment. My key goal is to get something set up for the team I coach. If it works out, and I get a bit of interest from other clubs, I may take it down that road at a later date.

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