Recommended programming guidelines for the PTZ Motors

On the applications notes page it says the following:

Operation Mode
The following steps are advised to control the lens
Step1: Before you read or write the register, You’d better read the state register to ensure the lens motor is idle.
Step2: If the lens motor is idle, read or write the new value to the register you want.

Is this indicative of the zoom and focus motors? Should I read the motor state to verify its not busy before writing to zoom AND focus?

It looks like there are registers to change the zoom and focus max values, when I look at the “” code, I see that there is a max value of 18000 for each. What is the physical limit of the motors? I am just trying to understand why these max value registers exists and their purpose.


Yes, you are right, when you write an value to the zoom or focus register, the motor will rotate the specified position, which will need time, if you don’t detect if the motor is busy, when you write fast. it will cause error. About the In order to cooperate with our autofocus algorithm, we have made certain restrictions on the extreme value of the motor stroke.

The real step stroke of the motor is subject to the manual.