Recommendation of battery for ESP32S UNO PSRAM

I would like to use the ESP32S UNO PSRAM with a 3.7 Lithium battery. Can you recommend a battery that I can purchase? I ordered one but the plug is the incorrect size. I chose not to solder the battery leads to the provided plug in case there might be other issues.

Thank you


We ship with a special connector.

Mind if I know the link to the battery you’ve purchased?

The search word for such batteries should be “3.7V LiPo battery” and that should have been a pretty standard connector for them.

I purchased these batteries from Amazon: MakerFocus 4pcs 3.7V Lithium Rechargable Battery JST1.25 Connector 2pin, 852540 3.7V 1000mAh Battery with Protection Board and Insulated Rubber Tape Compatible with ESP32 Development Board WiFi Kit

The JST connector is the wrong size - I am not sure if I need a 2mm instead of a 1.25.

Yes, you will be needing a 2mm pitch instead of 1.25. That jst1.25 standard probably aims to be as compact as possible for those mini ESP32 boards.

The Arducam ESP32S UNO, on the other side, takes the form factor of an Arduino UNO, so we can pretty much say that it speaks more Arduino when it comes to the hardware accesories.