Raspberry Pi + USB3.0 Shield Plus + 2x OV2311s, hardware triggered and timestamped

Would it be possible to get hardware timestamped and synced images from 2 cameras with the below setup.
A USB3.0 Plus shield with an OV2311, via USB to a Raspberry Pi.
Said Raspberry Pi has an OV2311 connected to its camera interface.
Then the digital outputs of the Rasp Pi is wired to the two cameras for hardware triggering.

(*For the Raspberry Pi, the DVP 15/22 ribbon needs to be used instead I think)

With this setup I believe that the Hardware trigger will keep the images synced and the Timestamp from the USB3.0 Shield could be used for both images.

If I’m using hardware triggering is there a need for the Timestamping from the USB3.0 Shield?

The latest version of USB3.0 S has timestamp function (there is a certain error), please refer to: https://github.com/ArduCAM/ArduCAM_USB_Camera_Shield/blob/df40b14d688062a0d2c7b5cdc7fbbffd711f0660/RaspberryPi/Cpp/Streaming_demo/Arducam_SDK/ArduCamLib.h#L105