Questions about B0442 camera with IMX327

I got a B0442 camera (now discontinued by ArduCam from a friend to use on my Raspberry Pi. I got it working fine but I have some questions about the low light and IR capability. Admittedly, most of my questions are because of not understanding camera things and some of the terminology used in the product description.

  1. Does this camera have an IR filter on it? I’ve seen things in different posts that indicate that it does and also that it doesn’t. Question comes up simply because in low/no light, turning on an IR light for illumination does not affect the brightness of the picture.
  2. Assuming that the IR light I’m using is not the correct type (it’s just the IR lights on a Wyze camera), what type of IR LED to I need that is not visible but will satisfy the “near-IR” light that the IMX-327 is sensitive to.