Question about Stereo HAT bundles


The difference between and besides the different cameras is that the 12mp one are detached from each other.

Will you offer an 8MP alternative that is similarly detached?

I’m in the market for a synchronized hat, but I’d prefer a an alternative with smaller built-in lenses, but I can’t use the fixed board alternative since that does not fit the application.



Yes. Arducam will release new 8MP in order to support camarray board.

Nice to hear. Any timeline on that?

The 8MP IMX219 prototype has already been working on the Camarray, but we have problem to save images using the libcamera library and QT. We are still trying to figure it out, not very sure what is the exact timeframe, maybe 4 weeks?

Okay, good to know! Thank you.

You are welcome.


Are there any updates on this?


Libcamera is still on updating. Follow the website

Thank you. So the hardware is ready and we are waiting for some sort of software support from libcamera?


Yes, we need libcamera provide ISP and get still image support.

Ah okay, I see. Thanks.

Do you know if it’s ongoing? I tried to find something about it in their mailing list but it’s not easily browsable :slight_smile:

Just keep on following their forum.

Just keep on following their forum.

Okay, this thread?

Or this link


Thanks. There’s literally thousands of threads on libcamera and the raspberry pi forum though and I don’t know what I’m looking for.

Yes, I have the same feeling as you

But… It’s your product, right? Surely you have some sort of feature request or discussion or pull request towards them, right?

Or what exactly is it we are waiting for. What should I check for on those pages?


Sorry for my late reply due to our holiday.

Yes, you are right, the camera our product. our camera is raw sensor without ISP. The Raspberrypi platform does not open the hardware ISP for other product include arducam.

So we need to use their libcamera if we want to use their ISP. Now we are developing our own ISP.