Qt + arducam_64mp working setup

Hi does anybody have a working Qt application development set up that uses Raspberry + 2xarducam64mp_camera? If you do please describe me your set up which Raspberry version, CM4?, which cameras specifically, hat or camarray, which Qt version, which kernel version etc. So i could emulate your setup. I need to have 2 cameras that i can make picture with and control focus.

Im asking this because im developing a Qt application for raspberry and i get the arducam64_mp image into my qt application due to gstreamer bug as far as i understand, and i have not been able to solve these issues. I even compiled and installed latest gstreamer 1.22.1 but this caused my qt app not even detect the cameras anymore. Then i tried to bring the commit i thought fixed the V4L2 issue into gstreamer 1.18.6 code, compiled and ran but that didnt fix it either. Im yet to try if my arducam works with Qt6 example applications.


I recommend using 5.15.84 and 6.1.19.
For 64mp camera, Raspberry Pi 4 4G or above will be a good choice.

If you need to do programming, picamera2 is recommended

Where is your problem now?

Tx, but i have an existing application thats already developed in Qt C++ and i want it to use low cost high res cameras connected to raspberry. Pycamera is in python. I suppose maybe i could use it to make pictures by sending in command line instructions. But the main point of the question was about having the cameras working with Qt application in the setup.


It is possible to use C++, you can refer to the official example

We do not provide examples for C++, if you are interested, you can refer to the official examples.