PTZ camera features

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Hi All,

The link below has two PTZ products .

both model has

Optical Size: 1/2.3″
Field of View: 96° – 33° (Horizontal)

I have few queries related to the above model.

96 degree - 33 degree horizontal means?
what is the focal length  for both the models?
What is the horizontal , vertical and diagonal degree?
will this model will be useful to capture video when object is from 2-15 meter distance from camera?
Need to capture videos from vertically , mean from the top of a beam for surveillance purpose. the room height is 20 meter , will this camera + lens model will be helpful


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Please contact our [email protected] for detail product info.


I have already send a mail but still yet not get update.


Thank you


I have conformed it for you and will reply you today.