Proper lens for my OV2640 2MP mini Plus

I would like to make a simple picture analysing system used for traceing leaser beam on a scale and in that way to measure horizontal angle. That is why I would like if my watched yellow scale becomes always as big as possible on a photo. I am attacheing an example picture where a real width of yellow scale is 20 cm. Scale is placed on a distance 250 cm from the camera and total picture width made by standard lens is about 160 cm. I would like to have total picture width approximately 50 cm (3 time less). I don’t want to waste to much pixels for background.
The scale is also not so sharp. I can’t achieve better quality by adjusting lens.

Reading all info about ArduCam lenses (taking into consideration lens itself, mounts, IR filters (or not) I got lost.

May I ask for help to choose the best lens (from your product range) which will be focused on my yellow scale, and getting a sharp picture of it ?

Yellow scale and laser beam

Kind regards


For lens-related questions, please contact our Sales. her email address is [email protected] , she will give you a detailed answer, thank you!

Thank’s for your fair answer. I am going there right now.


You are welcome.