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Firstly i’m not an electronics engineer, i’m mechanical/structural, i can understand this stuff fundamentally but it’s taking a while to educate myself, slapping components together and integration i’m ok lol.

i’m building a drone using a jetson nano with the main purpose of providing good information to the pilot, so i want head tracked stereo first person cam for flight and also the ability to switch to a 360 cam, half mounted top and bottom for close manoeuvre or landing (i assume both those are super easy using your stereo hats) although i welcome suggestions on how, with those 2 fisheye cams mounted top and bottom, Icould create a live pilots 36o view, that also could be headtracked, like a 360 cams preview on smartphone) i realise thats probably software and beyond what i could reasonably request from you.

in addition to the pilot using it, i also want the jetson using it in the background if necessary as that will use any and all drone sensors for a composite model of its surroundings, active and passive.

I want the drone to operate under a number of connectivity states, so i don’t understand what types of cam do what, basically i need the best type to serve as a fpv cam for both a pilot and an AI. considering light conditions and accuracy over aesthetics, also for 360/dual fisheye is just slap on a couple of modules? these would be under the conditions of decent video transmission signals.

But also my considerations do address bandwith if considering degraded states, remote operation/autonomous supervision and/or drone coordination. I’ve just discovered a meshtastic esp32 module, that would give super long telemetry using lora, but thinking on lora anyway and if its fast enough for RC control transmission and what you can do further, i think i read you can get 250mbs from, it, could you send a black and white or otherwise degraded low enough latency vid feed? would that take a special camera? so i’d have an emergency system that could start sending control stuff through and vid through lora, is that poss?

sorry, somethings irrelevent and others vague, any help appreciated.




What we can do is that, we can advise you use our two ov5647 or imx477 with fish lens.

You can connect the two cameras to the jetson Nano directly to create a live pilots 36o view.



Thanks, not familiar with ov5647, I’ll take a look.

You are welcome. Let me know if you need more help.