Problems runningArducam OBISP on RPI3

I just got the Arducam OBISP and tried running it on RPI3 with the PI OS running and kernel version 5.4.51-v7+. Installed the driver following the installation instructions. Get the following error in the kernel log:

arducam: disagrees about version in symbol module-layout

The driver then quits. No /dev/video0 there.

The documentation does not state what OS to use at all. Is it ubuntu or pi os. Pretty disappointed with the documentation.


We will improve the documentation as soon as possible. As for the support system you mentioned, I suggest you check the README here.

Github repository link:

Hi @stanj ,

Can you run “uname -a” and send me the result?
I need more information to diagnose the problem.

by the way OS version is Raspberry Pi OS