Pinout - Stereo Camera Adapter for Pi Zero

Which pins are used in the Stereo Camera Adapter for Pi Zero?

I have a project which requires powering the Pi Zero W through the 5v and gnd pins, and I’d like to put a board with stacking headers between the pi and the stereo camera adapter.

Which pins do i need to avoid?



For the stereo camera adapter , it need the i2c0 and led en pins.

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I see the pins for i2c but which pin is for led en?

Does it get its power from the 5v or the 3.3v pin?

The code refers to GPIO 4 and 17 which are physical pins 7 and 11.

Do you have more information?



For the UC444, we have two version Rev.C and without Rev.C. For the Rev.C version, it need to use the pin7 and pin11 to cut the mipi channel and it does nee to use the led EN pin. About the board without Rev.C silk screen, it just need the led en pin which is the fifth pin on pi zero baord