Pi HQ (12MP) camera stereo HAT

Hello all,

I’d like to build a stereo cam setup with the new Pi HQ cameras (https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-high-quality-camera/). Are they compatible with the stereo HAT board?



The new Pi HQ camera just released, There are some compatibility issues with our stereo hat board. We will release our new version board to fit it.

Thanks bin. Do you have a very rough timeline for this new board?


In fact, The stereo hat can support 12MP. But we don’t have stereo 12mp camera board now and we can’t test it at present. Next week, if it goes well, we will test it .


Thanks! I’ll keep my eyes open on this forum.


Thanks for your interested in our products.


No worries!

Do you happen to have any new insights into compatibility with the pi HQ cameras?



Not yet on sale, the technical team is still developing.

Our MIPI_Camera has supported the single imx477 sensor now.


We’ve had some breakthrough and it’s working now: https://youtu.be/WtfhN2yPW4A

and I thought that the video will be interesting to you.