Pi 5 compatible camera ribbons


I have a pi 5 now and I’m trying to connect the Arducam imx477 but we need ribbons which have small connectors at both ends.
Would this work by using an adaptor like this:

…and then using two of the pi new 5 camera cables?

I guess you will release new compatible cables, do you have any plans on when these might be available?

Many thanks

Hi, is there any indication if this combination of ribbons and joiner would work with the Pi 5 and the IR cut HQ camera?

Our imx477 camera modules are using 22 pin interface, and the Pi 5 is also using the 22 pin CSI interface. Please check the link below:

oh thanks, I’ll try that :slight_smile:

ok I have it working with a 22 pin ribbon cable and Pi 5 :slight_smile:

I am wondering if it’s possible to use 4 lane speeds with this camera and the pi 5?

In the specs it says: specifically camera drivers, are required for a 4-lane connection other than the 4-lane physical connector. And the drivers are limited by the performances of the platform itself. For example, 4-lane can’t unlock 4k video on Raspberry Pi because the VideoCore does not currently support it."
Now pi 5 does support 4 lanes, is there a driver that can work with it, or is this something which will be released in the future? I know that there are higher frame rates possible with 4K and the IMX477 which I am wanting to use hopefully…