Pi 4B (Bookworm OS 64-bit) not recognizing Arducam 64 MP Autofocus camera

Well, that was a rookie mistake lol.

I could’ve sworn I tried all different sides to both of the cable ends, but I guess I didn’t try the back side of the cable end connected to the camera.

I’ve even got it working with the HDMI cable attachment.

Thank you @henri!

you are welcome. beginning of last year when i started to work with PI4 and arducam it took me 4 days of troubleshooting only to figure out cable was connected the wrong way into RPI - in my defence though another guy had connected it and i assumed he knows what he is doing. I quess the lesson for arducam and RPI creators is to in the future make the cables in such way that they can not be connected the wrong way

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Hi Henri,
Yeah, I have faced too many customers who connected wrong and found the camera could not be detected by their RPIs. At very first, I was worried that I could not express myself more precisely by telling them that the wiring connection was reversed. It is easier for me to say “线接反了”. While using English, I’m not sure a sentence like “the wiring connection was reversed” would make customers realize that they should try the backside. Hence, in most cases, I ask customers for the pictures of hardware connection and point out the error.

@Dion you might say something like “The cable to the camera might be flipped over to the wrong side. Try to disconnect the cable, flip it over, and reconnect.”

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Hi @hikinghack ,
So cooool, get it :smiley: