Pan tilt camera with its own 2 servos controller current control

I’ve been using your old black camera pan tilt with a separate 16 servos control board. I’ve purchased 2 new ones of the new model (not yet with me), those with its 2 servos control square board.

This is what I’m trying to get: the pan-tilt system will be fixed in a point for several days. Once in place I’ll pan and tilt the camera from software to a desired position that must remain fixed forever.

The problem I have with the present system (the old with 16 servos control board) is that every time the system is rebooted the position of the camera shifts a bit. I’ve tried in the past with a non latching relay to cut the current to the control board but it worked randomly.

So, what I’m asking you is if from your software or another one way is it possible to cut the current to the new 2 servos control board to avoid further camera movement

Thank you

Our servos have a single power interface. You can use the MCU to control it individually.

Hi Dion,
Can you explain please?
Once I get the final position of both servos via software I need them not to move anymore, cut the current on them, even on reboot.
I’ve found that with the old pan tilt servos with a 16 servo controller board, after reboot they shift a bit their position I set via cron with their kit.servo angles at startup. That’s because they receive current and the servos are not that precise despite the angle values are fixed in servokit.