Pan and Tilt Servos

Do the Pan Tilt motors require an external power source? If so is there a spec on voltage and amp draw?


The motor needs additional power supply, the specific power supply requirements should be determined according to the parameters of the motor you use.

I purchased the Arducam ptz kit which included the motors so I would expect to be able to get those power requirements from this website. Is that not the case?


Please attach me your servo’s image and I will help you ensure the servo type and tell you the power requirements.



I ended up finding a cut sheet on the motors. The model # is DS3115. They are made by

I was able to connect the power and ground to GPIO-2 and GPIO-14 respectively on my Raspberry PI-4. Everything is working great! The data sheet indicates that the motors require 4.8vdc to 6.8vdc and run around 4-5ma.




Great to hear that. Let me know if you need more help.