OV9281 Stereo board with Stereo Pi -- Cameras not showing up

I have the OV9281 Stereo Board which is mentioned in an arducam article on Stereo cameras for machine vision but is not in their products page. I have attached it to my Stereo Pi through the use of the two MIPI camera ports. I get nothing using the arducam github software nor raspistill? I set up everything exactly from the github instructions and opencv did not throw any errors but I am without luck. All I want is to get access to frames from the cameras in a pi or c++ script. Thanks for any help!


Thanks for your interest in Arducam’s products. Don’t worry and I will try my best to help you solve all of your problems

Which demo are you using? I advise you test our arducamstill firstly. You can refer to the following link https://github.com/ArduCAM/MIPI_Camera/tree/master/RPI



Yes, I tried arducamstill, I also tried running the c++ scripts. I double checked my set up and I have got the OV9281 cameras working before with in c++ scripts. My problem was that the cameras would not sync frames because of an issue where I could not write register data to two individual cameras (so I couldn’t enable frame sync through i2c) That is why the sent me the ov9281 stereo board where the internal clocks of the sensor are already in sync. This process should be pretty similar so I’m surprised to find it not working?


which mode are you choosing? for the stereo hat, you should choose stereo hat mode.



When I type ./list_format in the MIPI_Camera/RPI directory I get:

init camera status = 4099

So I can’t even get to the point of using arducamstill with the stereo tag!



Don’t worry. Please attach me your hardware connection and I will help you

check it in detail.

This is the StereoPi


It won’t let me submit images, but I am using the StereoPi. It has no solder connections, just two MIPI connectors that I plug in the cameras to.


I think I have the same setup and the same issues. nothing on i2c bus.

init camera status = 4099

Please help