OV9281 Mipi Module with M12 lens illuminator synchronization

It appears that the OV9281 MIPI module with built in lens breaks out the strobe signal, but the OV9281 module with M12 lens does not. Is that correct? Is it possible to get access to the strobe signal on the M12 module? I plan to use it with a Raspberry pi and use the strobe signal to trigger an illuminator. What is the best way to synchronize an illuminator with this module?

Hello,Whether it supports strobe signal output is not related to the lens, only related to the function of the sensor itself. You can use the strobe signal to drive your illuminator to make them synchronize. Let me know if you need more help.



The version of the PCB with the M12 lens holder does not appear to have the strobe signal accessible.


Can you confirm?


I know, that is, our hardware circuit design did not open this signal to the user.