Ov9281 MIPI_camera unable to set resolution

I’m trying to take a picture with my arducam ov9281 with the MIPI_camera/RPI/python/capture.py code.

When I do so, I get the following output:

Open camera...
Found sensor ov9281 at address 60
Setting th resolution...

And then nothing… The code never gives me any error, it just stop. Do you have any idea what can go wrong…?
(Btw, if I just do the arducamstill cmd, I can see a preview of the camera on my screen, so I’m pretty sure the camera is working…)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi, @newbie

Are you using the latest Raspberry Pi system?

Currently arducamstill is deprecated, you can use libcamera to run the camera.

You can refer to the following links to install and use libcamera:

An what about the libarducam_mipicamera library. Is it still working with RPi-4b?

Hi, @newbie

Sorry, didn’t understand your question.

The latest Raspberry Pi systems have abandoned the previous camera stack and fully use the libcamera camera stack and framework.