OV9281: binning and 10bit


We have the OV9281 and we would like to record images or a video with binning enabled and pixel with 10bit depth.

  1. Do you know if we can enable binning?

  2. Which code example do you recommend for our needs? We tried video and streaming, but it looks like the h264 format is limited to 8bit pixels. Same for png capture example.



About binning, I have not configure it for 9281, whenI come back to company I will try.

For 10bit , at present we just have 1280x800 resolution is raw10.

if you want to get the h264 format, I advise you use our https://github.com/ArduCAM/MIPI_Camera/blob/master/RPI/video2stdout.c

we will encode the raw10 to yuv and then use the yuv data encode to h264.