OV7251 Camera: Configuring the Software for the JetVariety board

Hello Arducam,

When I configure the software for Arducam OV7251 MIPI camera module with JetVariety board on Jetson Nano, I need your support:

I have done these things.
Install v4l using this command: sudo apt install v4l-utils
I then git cloned this repo: https://github.com/ArduCAM/MIPI_Camera.git

This is where I am unsure where to go.
Looking in this directory:

I see that there is a directory for drivers. I think I saw somewhere in the documentation that I need to install a driver to get this thing to work.

Looking at the contents of this directory, I see these files:

driver$ ls
arducam-nvidia-l4t-kernel_4.9.140-32.3.1-20200325151719_arm64.deb arducam-nvidia-l4t-kernel_4.9.140-32.3.1-20200509173033_arm64.deb arducam-nvidia-l4t-kernel_4.9.140-32.4.2-20200520093606_arm64.deb
arducam-nvidia-l4t-kernel_4.9.140-32.3.1-20200331173033_arm64.deb arducam-nvidia-l4t-kernel_4.9.140-32.3.1-20200630085524_arm64.deb

Which one do I install?
Running the “uname -a” command, I get this output:
4.9.140-tegra #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jun 25 21:25:44 PDT 2020 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux
I am not sure I have enough information to choose which one to run. Which one is the most up-to-date that is most compatible?
I should also point out that “ls /dev | grep video” does not show a video device, but I think that is because I have not installed the driver as mentioned above.
After the driver is installed, what else do I have to do to get the examples under “MIPI_Camera/Jetson/Jetvariety/example” to run?

I greatly appreciate your support.



This is an example of your empty documentation pages, btw. There is literally no text provided.


These are other links I am referencing






Sorry for the late reply, this is the driver installation document for the Jetvariety series.

This chapter describes which driver you should install.