Ov7251 and Raspberry Pi Zero 2 w


We are trying to use the ov7251 camera with the new Raspberry Pi 2 W. The camera works (and is an amazing product!), and has been tested on the Pi 4 and original Pi Zero W.

The camera reports “init camera status = 4099” when trying to get the camera up and running using the Arducam MIPI repo, specifically the “./list_format” program. The issue may stem from the Wiring Pi library, as this error looks similar to an issues on the Pi 4 when not using the Wiring Pi 2.52 package.

gpio readall returns: Oops - unable to determine board type… model: 18

Is there any guidance on getting the ov7251 working on the Pi Zero 2 W?

There is a branch of the open source WiringPi with a pull request for the Pi Zero 2 W. Using this repo (https://github.com/WiringPi/WiringPi/pull/128), gpio readall works, but the camera still reports “init camera status = 4099”.

Take it easy. Have you use camera_i2c script to detect if the sensor’s address is exist?

We have updated the lib and it will be not depend on the wiringPi library.
Please keep me informed on your latest progress.

That script returned:

setting GPIO for board revsion: 902120
Failed: don’t know how to set GPIO for this board!

It is due to the script does not support your hardware version.
Please try to open the camera_i2c script amd move on to line 67 and add 902120 verson.
Then retry it.

Changing the camera_i2c script and running it gives:

setting GPIO for board revsion: 902120
A+, B+, B2, B2 (2837), and Zero (not W) all revisions - I2C 0 on GPIOs 28 & 29. GPIOs 32 & 41 for LED and power

However, when trying to run the list_formats program after the successful script execution, list_formats still reports:

init camera status = 4099

Take it easy. We will bought a pi2 w and test it.

I have tested it. I found that rpi has released latest firmware and it does not support our MIPI Camera driver now.
Now rpi releaase libcamera-still for users, for the OV7251 sensor, you can try to use libcamera.

Ok, but we can’t acquire at 130 to 160 FPS with the libcamera, correct?

It depends on the ov7251 driver. It should be 120fps configuration I think.

I still can’t get the camera working, even using the default camera drivers. Will you support the Pi Zero 2 W in the future?

I just bought Arducam OV9281 with Zero 2 W and am in exactly the same situation as OP.
Default driver fails with
[ 9.846525] ov9281 10-0060: Unexpected sensor id(0200), ret(-5)
Arducam drivers fail as described in this thread.

Please help.

P.S. Sorry for posting in a Ov7251 thread, but I don’t think this is camera specific, this is likely for all of your cameras on Pi Zero 2.

Take it easy. What about the 5MP and 8MP? We will test ov7251 and ov9281 on pi zero 2 platform using source driver rpi released.

I have tested just now and find that for the latest version firmware, the camera does not work on the pi zero w 2. But the old version firmware can work normally.

I’m also having troubles with the Pi Zero 2 w and the AR0234, FYI to everyone. I’ll also check to see if it works with the old firmware version after the weekend, but @lvbin, could you guys also keep that camera in mind when you are coming up with the necessary fixes? Thanks.

Absolutely. I will report the problem to the pi official, it should be a problem with their firmware.

Hi Bin,

How do I downgrade the firmware? Is this just using an older kernel / distro or is there a method for downgrading firmware and keeping that latest distro?


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