OV2311 : Low framerate in normal and trigger mode


I am running into problems to get the expected framerate on the jetson nano from the OV2311 Mipi camera module, both on normal and trigger mode.

On the 1600x1300 resolution, I get 20fps instead of 60fps in normal (free streaming) mode and a maximum of 10fps in the trigger mode.

I am using the python script available in https://github.com/ArduCAM/MIPI_Camera/tree/master/Jetson/Jetvariety/external_trigger.

The FSIN trigger signal is controlled by a pulse wave generated by the jetson nano itself.

My question is : is there a way for me to increase the framerate to the expected frequencies ? I’m also wondering if the maximum possible fps is the same for both modes !

Hi @Momo ,

Please contact our sales staff: [email protected]