OV2311 and MotionEye


I have was using motioneye on a RPi4 to stream video. To help improve motion blurr I wanted to try out the ov2311 to see if its global shutter would work for me. However when I connected the camera to the RPi it wouldn’t display. I am selecting the camera using the V4L2 and bcm2835-codec-decode. When ssh’d in I see what I believe is the camera at dev/video{10/11/12} appear, but it is unable to get a picture.

Should this camera work with MotionEye? Does it need drivers?

Pi cameras (1.3/2.0) both connect and work with this.

Is there any additional information that is needed?


At present, the bcm2835-v4l2 driver does not support ov2311 sensor, so you can get the video0 node. For the global shutter camera, you can try the oV9281 and OV7251 sensor.