OV10633 camera with USB Shield. Is there any config file?


I have the USB2 Camera Shield (Rev.D) and the adapter board for omnivision cameras. The shield is working well with the AR0135 sensor, but my specific scenario requires the use of an WDR camera.

I have bought the OV10633 camera: https://www.arducam.com/product/1-3-ov10633-cmos-wdr-sensor-standalone-camera-uc10633-a46/

What I would like to set up is this camera to test the WDR capabilities of the sensor. Could you provide the config file for this camera (raw output is ok). What are the options?

Thank you!



You can find some register settings from: https://github.com/OpenNuvoton/N32926_NonOS_BSP/tree/master/VideoIn/Example/OV10633