open fail,rtn_val = 65281 using MT9V022 on ros node


I have some problems.

I using shield(USB2.0_UC-391_Rev.D) + camera module(MT9V022).

I followed the this

but it was not working…

I think there was not exist arducam_usb2_ros package.

Can you provide that package?

Hi jmshin

Have you installed udev’s rules?

Tip: After the installation is complete, you need to replug the device.

thank you for adviced.

I try to install udev’s rules. but not found 'arducam_usb2_ros; package in here.

is it right i do?

Maybe you didn’t configure the environment variables of ROS?
e.g. source xxx.

You can also simply copy the arducam.rules in the script directory to the /etc/udev/rules.d directory and execute
sudo service udev reload
sudo service udev restart