Newbie question - is it possible to use old CCD sensors with RasPI?

This may be a newbie question. I have some old CCD sensors (including some KAI-11000 - big monster CCDs). I want to adapt them for astro purposes (long exposure - cooling techniques etc).

Are there ArduCam products that can help facilitate this type of setup? If so, what woudl be the path forward.

If I am an idiot not thinking of something, please feel free to let me know.

nothing is impossible as long as you have enough technical spec and develop documents of this particular sensor.

It would be useful to have some sort of roadmap for the project using ArduCam.

I have KAI-11000 sensors and all the technical data, timing chains etc.

What do I need from the ArduCam perspective to make this work?

I assume I need to put my sensor on some perf board and then provide some support timing chains etc. But what do I then need from Arducam?

If anyone has ever done something like this then I would appreciate links in their direction as I can then work some matters out.



Arducam has the comprehensive solution for PC and embedded devices like Raspberry pi or Jetson Nano etc. We have implement the basic popular DVP, MIPI, HISPI, LVDS sensor interface and convert these to standard USB or uniform interface (DVP or MIPI).

I am not sure which kind of interface the KAI-11000 sensor has, probably the LVDS alike.

The most difficult part the sensor initialization register settings, which need time and effort to tweak.

So need more technical detail to figure all this out, and some customization might apply.