Need OV2311 camera configuration & Register read issue


I purchased the OV2311 stereo camera module from .

I faced a probing issue with the camera.

dmesg Log;

[ 99.760170] CAM_ERR: CAM-SENSOR: cam_sensor_match_id: 655 chip id 0 does not match 2311
[ 99.760175] CAM_INFO: CAM-SENSOR: cam_sensor_driver_cmd: 742 Not a hot plug sensor, match sensor id failed

I need the OV2311 datasheet where all camera registers with values written on that.

We read all registers from Rpi4 but that is not matched the datasheet.

Can you give us configuration registers for OV2311 so we are able to probe the camera?

Please help me to complete my task.


Which introduction do you follow to install the camera driver?

We used below link;

Hi Dion,

Any update on the above request.

We are kind of stuck while interfacing HAT module with QCS610.

Vijay Patel