Multiple exposure with external triggering?

Hi, I have some of the OV9281 modules and i’d like to use the “flutter shutter” or “coded exposure” technique with them, which involves multiple (say, 3) rapid (say 1-2ms) exposures per frame. this is what flir calls “mode 5”. is such a thing possible with the OV9281 modules, perhaps using an external trigger? thanks!


It can be done, but requires the use of ov9281+ pivariety ,
Can you tell me the sku number of your camera

sorry for the delay getting back to you, i had to find the paperwork. we have both B0353 and the B0266 stereo bundle.


Please wait a moment, I will let my colleague reply to you, about the external trigger I am less involved.

May you provide detailed information about your problem? We can not figure out what “flutter shutter” and “coded exposure” are.


Thank you for getting back to me! “Coded exposure” is a multiple-exposure technique. It means to open and close the shutter several times during the exposure of a single frame. For example, during an 8ms frame, the shutter could be open for 2ms, closed for 4ms, and open again for 2ms. The benefit of this technique is that it provides some of the blur benefits of a very high frame rate, without requiring extra bandwidth downstream of the sensor. Because the timing of the exposures is known, the deblurring deconvolution is a more tractable problem than in the general case. the flir/pointgrey support for this idea is described on page 57 here: as “multiple exposure pulse width trigger”; the way they do it is to configure the number of exposures per frame, but i imagine some other method would work too (e.g. a fixed frame clock). the seminal paper from 2006 on this topic is here: