Multicamera Adapter 4 channel V2.1 stopped detecting

I have a 4 channel V2.1 multi camera adapter hat that was working fine with the Raspberry Pi 4B one day and the next it wasn’t detected as video0 in the /dev list. I have plugged an individual camera in to the pi and it works fine. I have changed the ribbon cable three times with no change either. The power light on the adapter turns on. Is there any reson why it could have just stopped working?



Don’t worry and I will try my best to help you.

Most likely it is a hardware wiring problem, there are many interfaces, and it is easy to go wrong.

Have you debug it using our test script?


Hi I tried to run both the C++ and python It says it can’t detect video0. It was working and without changing anything it stopped overnight?

Hardware SetupTerminal after running init_camera


From the terminal message, it does not detected the 0x10 address which is the sensor’s i2c address. It most likely that the ribbon cable does not connect normally,Please reconnect the ribbon cable and restart your system and retry.