Multi-Camera Adapter Board V2.1 Wiring

Was wondering if it was necessary that the Adapter Board must sit on the Jetson Nano. Is it possible that only certain pins on the adapter board can be wired to the Nano so I can free up some of the gpio pins on the J41 header?


Sorry for my later reply. Yes, of course. You just need to connect those signal as I attach

Does the same apply for the Raspberry Pi 4? Is there a new version of the multiplexer board for the Pi that allows the board to be mounted beside and not on top of the Raspberry Pi? (SKU: UC-512?)


Yes, PI4 has the same pin source layout. We don’t have other version multiplexer board which can be mounted beside and not on top of Raspberry Pi.

Is this pinout the same as for the V2.2? I am trying to connect the multicamera board beside a Raspberry Pi 4B and am having trouble with this pin configuration. When I mount the board on top of the Pi, the cameras and board work perfectly.

Yes, it is the same as for V2.2.