Multi Arducam 5Mp SPI and esp32

Hi all,
I have 2 arducam 5mp SPI and I want to drive them with one or two separated esp32 SPI interface. From what I see the camera has also i2c . I’m using the Arduino ide example provided by u by installing he ArduCam class. Will it be possible to manage 2 cameras with 2 or 1 SPI ? I mean which problem could i have if cameras share the same i2c bus on esp32 ? What’s the i2c used for ? I need just capture photo from the 2 cameras ? Will it be an i2c conflict if the 2 camera will have same i2c address ? If yes how can I change it ?
Hope you can help
Thanks a lot


The function of i2c is to initialize the configuration of the camera. Two cameras can share an i2c interface. The function of spi is to communicate with our cpld. Two cameras can also share a spi interface, but the CS pin is required to distinguish the camera module to be operated.