MT9J001 Bad Frames When Changing Resolution


I bought my camera module from

I am using the MT9J001 camera module with a USB2.0_UC-391_Rev.E shield.

I am using the Windows gui demo application.

I connected my camera and loaded the MT9J001_MONO_12b_3664x2748.cfg config file. After loading the config file, the camera works as expected.

I am attempting to change the register settings to allow me to use the camera at a lower resolution and higher frame rate. I would like to use a resolution of 3664Hx64V. I would like to get this resolution by reading only the middle 64 rows of the sensor.

I am able to change the Y_ADDR_START register (0x3002) to 0x53E and the Y_ADDR_END register (0x3006) to 0x57D, using the buttons in the gui. After I do this and start the camera feed, the feed shows a 64 pixel high strip, with black space filling the rest of the frame. However, the frame rate stays at 2 fps instead of increasing.

I believe the problem is that the sensor is still reading all of the pixels, but when I attempt to change the Y_OUTPUT_SIZE register and the FRAME_LENGTH_LINES register, in order to increase the framerate, I get an error stating: bad frame received, and the camera doesn’t work.

I need to know how to change the register settings so that the camera module only reads the middle 64 rows of the sensor, giving me an output resolution of 3664Hx64V at a higher frame rate.

Thank you.