MT9D111 Configuration

I have bought a couple MT9D111 boards with auto-focus. I am trying to use them with a CC3200 dev kit and capture individual jpegs. I connected all the lines, and I am supplying 3.3 VDC to both VCC and autofocus. I can successfully read and write the registers via I2C, and I verified the master clock coming from the CC3200 is what I expect. However, no pixel data is ever transmitted. The pixel clock isn’t even running. I found some code for the Uno board on github that is supposed to configure the camera in jpeg mode, but after executing all the register writes, the camera still does nothing. I have the Micron developer guide, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to “start” the camera, which makes me think it should be running as soon as the reset cycle is finished. I tried switching to a different camera, and it behaves the same way.

One other funny thing: I can read and write registers even if I have the standby signal set high, which doesn’t seem correct.

Can anyone tell me how to get the camera to start generating jpegs? Just the register reads/writes I need to perform would be great.


You can refer to this link :
We tested the CC3200 six years ago and produced a matching base plate.
First, check if the provided link is helpful to you.
If it does not help,
we will try to debug the previous board,
but it will take some time to resolve.

Best Regards,
kai from Arducam Support Team


Thanks for the response. The project you linked to is the Github project I mentioned in my initial post.

I have noticed the SDA line sometimes gets pulled low and not released by the image sensor. I think my problem might be that I have all the image sensor lines connected with jumper wires to header pins on the dev kit and some of the lines are interfering with each other. I need to layout a board anyway, so I’ll see how it goes once I have more solid connection between the two parts.