Mega 3MP test on PicoW, There is no ".ino" file


I have Arducam Mega 3MP and I want to run it with Raspberry Pi Pico W. I’m trying to experiment with Arduino as shown on the sample test page.

I followed the tutorial on this page and made the necessary installations.

However, Pico does not appear in the ARducam Mega examples file as shown on this page in the library. When I look at the library file and the files on github, there is no file with the extension “.ino”.

Is it possible to run without the “.ino” file? Is there a point I missed?

I also have a 3MP Arducam Mega, it is said on the tutorial page for 5 MP. Doesn’t it work with the 3MP version?


Again hello,
I haven’t received any support either by e-mail or here for 1 week.
I just want to run Arducam Mega with Pico W.
Is there any code sample file, I just want to upload it and see if it works.
Anyone running a Pico W?


We have updated the relevant content, and there may be some delay in pushing it to the official website. You can go through the tutorial again later.

You can also look at our github repository

Hi @Edward
Thanks for your answer and library update.
This solved our problem and I got it working easily.
Sorry for replying a little late.

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