Maximum framerate

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what would be the maximum framerate producable in full-combine mode of two 5MP-Streams? How high would it be for 8MP?

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Lars Weselmann

@Lars Weselmann

Sorry for my late reply, the 5Mp streams can up to 30 fps in jpeg format and the 8MP can up to 15pfs in jpeg format

Couldn’t there be a way of doing downsampling on both 5Mp and 8Mp HAT in order to gain over fps? On my raspberry pi 4 B, these are my results:

  • 10-11 fps for mode 9 to 12,
  • 18 fps for mode 8 which looks like a 1/8 crop
  • mode 7 and all other mode aren't working.

JC Ruel


Very sorry to hear your problems. We are now in Chinese New year’s holiday. After we come back.

I will help you test it and optimize my configuration. About you have said mode 7 and all other mode do not work. Is it imx219 or ov5647?




Thanks for your reply, I’m not in a hurry.

The result I gave was for imx219 cameras, 8MP. It would be awesome to get more control than just “modes”. For exemple, be able to do SubSampling with a python API to gain fps over resolution. Also maybe, set shutterspeed and gain manually for both camera with this API.

Also, I just don’t understand the purpose of the mode because all I get by changing mode to mode is a different crop over the full image without any benefits (except for mode 8, see #20298). I only get full resolution with mode 9. In this case, why isn’t just 1 mode with full resolution so we can do the cropping with opencv/numpy? What is the matter of multiple modes doing crops?

Thanks for all that, enjoy your New year’s holiday!

JC Ruel


Thanks for your great advise, I will continue to optimizing our API and help user use MIPI camera in easier.



Different modes are for different resolution and frame rate. The lower resolution the faster frame rate.

Some of the modes use binning and skipping and not the same ratio as the maximum resolution, so it looks like cropped.

If you can provide detail information about different modes behavior, it will be helpful to do diagnose.


Dear Keymaster,

It would be nice to have a regular subsampling mode that doesn’t look cropped 8MP → 4 MP to get higher fps. I would’nt have bought the 8MP if I knew it was to drop max FPS… I think you have a really nice product, I just think you need a slightly more complete API. For for now, to get uncropped-like image, I’m limited to 10-11 fps and it’s annoying as I want to develop real time application.

Thanks for your hard work,

Jean-Christophe Ruel


Thanks for your suggestions and we will continue to optimizing our API

I didn’t feel like starting a new thread when this is pretty new, but I wanted to know if I lowered the resolution to a height of 640 or 480 if the frame rate could increase. I’m trying to get around 50-60fps.


Anyone got any experience trying this? No offense to Arducam I don’t want to spring the cash to purchase one if it won’t work for my application.


We have optimized our configure and for imx219 1280x720 it can up to 60 fps


it looks like your’s in mode 1, is that recording both camera simultaneously? I thought you had to be in mode 7-12 to access both cams at the same time


Yes you are right, what I said is just single camera run mode. If you want to both camera work at the same time, you should use mode 7-12. Do you want to stereo camera mode and high frame rate? As normal if two camera, the frame rate will reduce to half.



Dear Keymaster, we are using the 8MP imx219 in side by side but the results is 10 frames at 1280x720 using the mode 7 and 9. Do you have any suggestion to increase the frame rate?