Max values for focus and zoom


what are the max values for the PTZ (8MB) camera : in the Focuser file (PTZ-Camera-Controller/pyCode/ I see 18000 and on the software page ( I see initial value at 0x4e20 which is 20000 and on the line below: value 0x0000-0xffff.

I’m asking this question since with the zoom at the value 18000, the camera is still slightly out of focus at the minimal focus value (0). (Subject is ~5m apart).

Thank you!


In order to cooperate with our software autofocus algorithm, we have a little limit on the stepping stroke.

Thank you.

But you did not quite answer my question!

Even without using the AutoFocus algorithm, with the FocuserExample only, with the ‘left’ and ‘right’ keys, I cannot get a sharp image of the object: the focus value is 0 and I cannot go down any further. To get a sharp image I have to set the zoom to ~14000 instead of 18000, which annoyingly decreases the capabilities of the PTZ camera!

Hence my question: can the max value of zoom be increased to the indicated 20000 value or even more? Same for focus.

Effectively the AutoFocus algorithm would need to be updated since the 18000 value is used several times.

Thanks again.


Sorry i didn’t answer your question completely. The PTZ itinerary is restricted in the firmware. The user cannot modify it. If you want to extend the itinerary, which need to update the firmware. This needs Arducam to do it.