Manual control of IR cut filter


I am interested in purchasing your new HQ IR Cut camera. I note that the IR cut filter is activated automatically via a photoresistor. Is there any way to activate the filter manually, by removing this resistor and connecting to a raspberry pi pin, for example? Is the existing photoresistor tunable, so that the light level at which the IR cut filter is activated can be changed?



yes, I did exactly that. I followed this article:
I removed the photoresistor and connected GND and IR on the camera board to the pi as in the article above. I use an external bh1750 light sensor for the light level because the camera board is behind a cover and only the lens is facing the subject (camera in a nesting box). Works fine.
I also had the same question a few weeks ago before I bought the same camera, got no reply, and then wrote about getting it to work. The postings were removed for some reason.

Brilliant, thank you Walter!

Did you use a pi3 or 4? I am wondering if it is possible to control via GPIO with a pi 3 instead of the camera LED. One issue I found in the past, with an older model IR Cut (not Arducam), was that I had to activate the camera LED before every use of the camera to close the IR filter, which would open again every time the camera instance was stopped. It would have been nice to be able to control this separately, via a GPIO pin.