MacOS, nano, mini-2mp-plus, Mac-host-v2, not working properly

Hi guys, I am using Arduino nano to use OV2640 (mini-2mp-plus). The camera is connected to nano like this: (D7, CS), (D11,MOSI), (D12,MISO),(D13,SCK),(GND, GND), (5V, VCC), (A4, SDA), (A5, SCL). Then the mini-usb is connected (short cable) to a port of Mac via a usb-usbc converter( apple one).
After I uncomment the modules in memory.h and open the ArduCAM_2mp_plus_functions, the verification and upload are always correct.
However, after I start a sketch using HostV2 or Mac hostv2, everything just goes wrong.
Board: Nano
Port: cu.usbserial-1420
macOS Big Sur 11.6.6
After messing with the variables in both V2, still got outputs like these:
" COM is open!


ArduCAM single







Looks fun but Please help:)