M12 interchangeable lenses aren't?

I bought a couple of Arducam B0031 cameras, because it claimed to use interchangeable M12 lenses. I also bought a set of Arducam LK002 lenses

Using the lens holder that came with the B0031 the LK002 lenses were unable to focus. I assume this is because the stock lens holder has too long a barrel (seems like a poor design choice to advertise replaceable lens but use a stock lens that is incompatible. But whatever).

The lens kit included one replacement lens holder, with a very short mount barrel. I replaced the holder on one of the cameras and tried to use one of the lenses. It was still unable to focus, probably because the barrel was too short. And because the mount holder was so short, only accepting a couple turns of the lens, I think I may have screwed the lens in too far and may have damaged the sensor. That also seems like a poor design choice.

Does the LK002 lens set really work with the B0031 camera? If it doesn’t, is there another set that does work? If it doesn’t work, why isn’t that documented better? If the problem is the lens holder, why is it so hard to find a lens holder with the right mount barrel length? Shouldn’t that be documented?

I’m not feeling very happy about this, I’m leaning toward a 1 star Amazon review. I’m sad because I had been satisfied with other Arducam products (CS mount lenses) and had recommended them to people.

Followup: I found a 2nd lens holder that had fallen out of the lk002 box. Looks almost identical to the other but seems to allow all but one of the lenses to focus.


There are actually two or even four lens holders for these lenses, there are 18mm or 20mm hole space for different camera board and 7mm or 13mm two different height profile for different lens back focal length. You need to read the user manual carefully that comes with the lens kit to find the best combination for the lens and lens holder.

We pay a lot of effort and attention on these lens kit, they should cover almost all of the use cases, and won’t have the compatibility problem. If there is any please report to us with the photos and details.

There is also a Youtube video demo for installation the new lens, please check the page below.