Low power mode - OV2640_2MP_Mini


I would like to make battery powered machine using 2 cameras and others.
I am thinking about Arduino Nano 33 BLE or ESP32. I am really interested to have low power consumtion and that was the reason to choose OV2640 Mini to test.
In normal mode (I have uploaded ‘… _functions’ sketch) it takes about 110 mA while taking pictures and in standby mode.

In low power mode (I have uploaded '… _LowPowerMode sketch) it takes about 98 mA while taking pictures and about 50 mA in standby mode.

Am I right ?
Do you have any other ways to make this camera consuming eaven less current (beside temporary swithing off) ? Maybe you have some manual or documentation for this purpose ?

I will appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance.




Since the CPLD and FIFO are still working when the sensor enters low power mode, some current will still be consumed. Unless you cut off the power of the camera module at the end of each photo, there is no better way to reduce power consumption.

So, current about 50 mA is the minimum possible to achieve ?

Yust a question, because if so I have to seriously think over swithing off

You are right. But when you re-power on the camera module, please re-initialize it.


I have the same problem using Arduino + Arducam mini 2MP. I try to reduce the power consumption of Arducam mini 2MP (OV2640). I can take it to Standby mode with the following code. However, it still consumes about 40 mA in standby mode which is much more than what it should be (about 1 mA according to the datasheet)!

myCAM.set_bit(ARDUCHIP_GPIO,0x02); // Standby

What is wrong with this simple task?

Many thanks for your help