Looking to create a multichannel dashcam for my car

Hello all, nice to be here. Off the top, I have no experience with pi or any pc programming. But I’m looking to learn with the plethora of information that’s out there alongside community help. Thank you in advance.

4-6ch camera / pi setup that will be mounted on front rear left right side of the car that’s small enough to be conspicuously mounted. Project box will be mounted inside trunk space and powered together with car and a blackboxmycar.com dedicated battery pack. I’m looking at 24hr motion recording with very low light compatibility.and low power consumption. I think I would be using motioneye unlless there’s something better.

Now I’m not familiar with all Arducam products or others and there capabilities so for my would be project , these I are the requirements.

High resolution camera with night vision, like starvis preferably 2K or 4K but willing to settle for 1080p. Must be small ,under an inch and be able to withstand the elements. Wide view preferred, like 120 degree or more.
Pi box or whatever’s better.
I guess a multichannel interface.
Cable for long runs. Like 20ft each.
A 6-8in pi touchscreen

Again thank you community and I really appreciate any help that I get.

Please send your requirement to [email protected] and our sales team will help you choose the camera.