Looking for NOIR-CAM


I’m looking for RPi-Cam-modul.

For security reasons, I need to watch in badly lighted terrain, additionally there is placed an 940nm LED 4W.

The main point of interest is about 5metres away from the cam.

The standard 8MP NOIR-Modul is tried and is definitvely no option.

Which would be the best alternative?

Kind reghards

Here are all of the items for your reference:

5MP NoIR camera (SKU: B0035): OV5647 NoIR Camera Board /w M12x0.5 mount for Raspberry Pi

Infrared LED board: 2pcs Infrared LED board for Arducam Raspberry Pi NOIR 5MP OV5647 Camera Module

Not sure the FoV of the default lens on the camera can meet your needs, you can calculate the FoV and check the correct lens from the Lens kit:

FoV calculator: Focal Length Calculator and How Embedded Cameras Work- Arducam

Kindly note that the default lenses in the lens kit are all mounted with an infrared cut filter. You can contact the Sales person to get NoIR version lens.