Looking for fast camera with narrow fov

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Jetson nano and ras pi 4
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I need a camera and lens to capture an object from a least 5-6" away or more. It’s about 0.75" in width and be able to get reasonable detail/sharpness out of it without too much noise. I want the resulting Image to be about 512x512px and take up the entire frame. I also need to be able to acquire and decide that image quickly. The faster the better.

Right now I’m using an elp USB cam and a raspi4 (most likely switching to a Jetson soon for other reasons) and I’m compensating for a lens that does not have the right fov by upping the resolution and cropping. I have both a noisy image and a long image capture time using cv2. With yuyv .6 second and mjpg about .4 second.

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