Longer cables for 12 MP IMX477

Is it possible to use a cable as long as 1.5 meter between these cameras and the stereo camera HAT, or a cable that length between the camera HAT and the RPi / Jetson? I intend to have the cameras on a moving arm, but I need the host board to be stationary because it will have other connections.


We have not tested such a long cable, we have tested a 30 cm cable.


Thank you, Bin. When you tested the 30 cm cable, I assume that was the cable between the camera and the camera HAT. Correct? Is it possible to use a cable between the HAT and the Raspberry Pi? I have not yet received the hardware – should come in this week. I will test some longer cables and let you know what I find.


The cable I said is the RPI and camera hat. About the hat to camera. you can test and let me know your result.