Live distance check between prints on tubes

Hi All

I work in a factory where plastic tubes are produced, text is printed on tubes for every 1000mm, but I would like to be able to live check if the text has the right distance between them

The pipes are produced at speeds around 170m / min (2.83m/s - 10.2km), for now

A possible solution to my challenge could be to use 2 cameras, one is mounted so that they record 0mm on a ruler and one that records 1000mm, At the touch of a button on the control screen, 10sec is recorded. which can be rewound until there is a printed text that fits around the 0mm mark on camera 1, then it is possible to see if the printed text has the correct distance on the image from camera 2

Is there a friendly person who could come up with some suggestions for solutions to my challenge

If the drawings are not to be seen they can be seen at this link