Libraries for handling CSI data (NOT in Raspbian)

The Arducam 16MP has an interesting note:

Is 4K at 30fps possible?
You can capture 4656×3496 still images. But for video, it’s impossible with a Raspberry Pi. 

The camera itself is capable of capturing [email protected] video, but the Pi is the bottleneck.

Is there any information on how to interface with the camera from other platforms? I am particularly interested in something like the ox64, as far as I can tell, it should have enough processing power to handle it. Another possibility is a Pi W used as a microcontroller (no os)


In theory all embedded platforms can use imx519 camera.
But for imx519 camera, we haven’t expanded more embedded platforms.

Currently we support Raspberry Pi, Jetson, and we also use this camera on usb3.0.
So the Raspberry Pi you’re talking about is possible.