"libcamera-still -r -o test.jpg" creates broken DNG files

It is not possible to open the DNGs created with libcamera-still -r -o test.jpg
The bug is already fixed upstream: Dng fixes by davidplowman · Pull Request #285 · raspberrypi/libcamera-apps · GitHub
I compiled the latest git version with this parameters:
cmake .. -DENABLE_DRM=1 -DENABLE_X11=1 -DENABLE_QT=1 -DENABLE_OPENCV=0 -DENABLE_TFLITE=0 And I can confirm, that the problem is fixed. Sadly this removes the autofocus functionality.

Please update your libcamera package with this fix.

And where can I find the source code of your libcamera-apps?

patch is here:

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Thanks I merged the libcamera-app with the latest version and now I get usable DNG file. For everyone who is interested, here is the fork:

FYI: I’ve updated my fork to the latest version of libcamera-apps.