Jetson TX2 NX support

Does the current IMX477 driver support the TX2 NX module (installed in a Nano developer carrier)? Thanks!

Hi @dustobub

Sorry, we do not provide Jetson TX2 driver. As far as I know, using IMX477 on TX2 seems to require interface conversion? Different adapter boards may require different drivers and device trees. I am not sure if NVIDIA provides something similar.

The NX version of the TX2 is pin compatible with the Nano developer board, and I have spoken to several people who have been using that particular setup with no issues. Would you consider adding support if it was a very simple modification? Thanks again.

Sorry I missed this.

If it is a simple modification I think we can provide support, but the main problem at the moment is that I don’t have a TX2 NX module.

By the way, is there any MIPI camera available for TX2 NX? For example, IMX219? Maybe I can refer to it.

Ok great. I will have my TX2 NX module in the next few days. Where are you located? I may be able to get my NX module sent over to you.

Nvidia L4T release notes state:

Which shows the TX2 NX missing, but from member reports here on the forum, I know the IMX283 is working on the TX2 NX + Nano dev board with minor driver modifications.

Hi @dustobub
There are some problems here.
I am not sure if adding IMX477 support to Jetson TX2 NX is a simple modification.
I will ask my boss to confirm if we have this plan for this. .

Good news, we are going to buy a Jetson TX2 NX for testing.
But in the next week we will enter the National Day holiday.
So it will take a while to start this.

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Sounds great. Let me know if there’s anything I can do in the meantime. Thanks!

Hi @dustobub

I tried to adapt the imx477 of TX2 NX, but the device tree file cannot be specified by /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf (TX2 NX cannot be booted after modification), so it is currently delayed. .

Kk, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help test / debug as I now have the TX2 NX module in house.

I also have the TX2 NX module to be used as a pin-pin substitute for the Xavier NX (supply chain issues). Do you have the driver ready or source code that I can incorporate? Thanks much.

The IMX477 driver code is already in the Nvidia kernel tree.
The only problem is that there is no device tree.
In fact, we have a modified device tree, but after testing (it has been a while, I’m not sure about the current situation), TX2 NX It is not possible to load the additional device tree by modifying extlinux.conf. (Tools provided by Nvidia.)may be needed to update the device tree.
We have not tested it further due to other work arrangements.

Any progress on making the IMX477 work on the TX2 NX?

Still curious here. I haven’t been able to spend any time investigating, but has anyone else made any progress? Thanks!

Very interested on this as well.

The Jetson TX2 is 40 dollar more than the Nano for the industrial version and it has so much power. It is a great candidate go have support for.

Any news about this @wong ?


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Hello Wong,

No one of Arducam cameras support Jetson TX2 NX.
Are your planning to support any camera in the near future
or should we forget about it


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Sorry, we have a lot of high priority work at this stage and the Jetson TX2 NX is currently in the customization phase,
so if you have a request, you can contact [email protected] ,
please let me know if they don’t get back to you.

I agree - support for the imx477 or ar1335 would be greatly appreciated on the TX2 NX. Really, any camera with at least 12mp resolution. I have made some attempts but no luck so far.